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leading provider of engineering fabrication, project development, pipelines maintenance, construction and design.

Pulety Engineering Limited is a leading provider of engineering fabrication, project development, pipelines maintenance, construction, design and lump sum EPC services with capabilities across the lifecycle for upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sector in the UKCS, Middle East, and Africa. Our vast experience cut across several facets of the world’s leading integrated, independent and national oil and gas companies. Pulety Engineering Limited ensures that it delivers world class service in an ethically acceptable manner with adherence to the highest safety standards and sensitivity to our environment. The quality and standard of the services we deliver defines Pulety Engineering Limited.  We have adopted the international ISO: 9001 standard as our standard for quality management. We are very professional in applying this knowledge and experience in addressing our clients’ needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

We understand the complexities and challenges facing the industry. With understanding of the UKCS, Middle East, and Africa business terrain, we are able to respond swiftly and efficiently to our client’s needs with our combined teams of several years of experience gained from different facets in oil and gas industry. Our clients would easily testify of our quality services and project deliveries within timelines. This is easily accomplished by our strategic relationships with world class companies, professional, motivated and dedicated work force as well as our team’s attention to details in all that we do.


We are committed to a target of zero accidents

Pulety Engineering Limited Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for health, safety and environmental performance. This responsibility and the Board’s commitment to the achievement of HSSE excellence are foundations of our Business Management System. We are committed to a target of zero accidents. We will ensure that our activities are not injurious to health and endeavour to minimise adverse impact on the environment. All Pulety Engineering Limited employees and contractors are required to meet these commitments as an integral part of their work.


By working in partnership with the owners of oil and gas reserves and infrastructure, providing innovative and cost-efficient services, we aim to create value across all aspects of an asset’s development.


  • Team
  • Excellence
  • Connection
  • Honesty
  • Result Driven
We always make sure we do these

Our Key Message

  • Excellent execution capability and track record.
  • Customer focus.
  • Rigorous risk identification and mitigation.
  • Managing resource challenges through relentless focus and through relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Positive demand outlook and positioning on programme developments further enhances order visibility.
  • Expanding service capability to take advantage of market opportunities and leverage customer relationships.
  • Growth limited not by opportunity but by capability to execute without compromising on delivery (people/expertise/supply chain constraints).

Previous Projects Completed

$ 1 M
Scope – EPC

Khalda Gas Processing Facility, Egypt.

$ 1 M
Scope – EPC

Hasdrubal Terminal for Hasdrubal Project, Tunisia.

$ 1 M
Scope – EPC, JV

Ohanet Gas Development, Algeria.

$ 1 M
Scope – EPC

Kauther Gas Plant. Oman.

$ 1 M
Scope – EPC

Harweel Clusters Phase 2 A&B Facilities.

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